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So yesterdy I was recovering from migraine/vomitting bender of Tuesday afternoon and night...  oh the joy...

...Jellybean wanted out in the morning - quelle surprise - as normally it's yell in my face until breakfast materialises and then back to bed before the duvet is even cold from my leaving it.  She trotted back upstairs a little later to settle into her usual routine of 22 hours a day napping... giving a little 'hello' meep of greeting and then becoming very interested in underneath the laundry basket.  I moved the basket a bit, but fearing for spiders as just too damn fragile to deal with any more of the blighters  - Tuesday had been a spidertastique extravaganza at work with the fuckers dropping off the ceiling - I didn't investigate to hard...

About lunchtime we were both napping on the bed, with Miss Fatty Furface imparing my breathing by lying on my chest, when she dived off to scrabble about under a chest of drawers.  Some hilarity followed in her failing to be able to turn round and having to work out going backwards, which seemed more a mental battle than physical, but emerge she did with what looked like a dust bunny in her mouth.  I took affront at what seemed to be an indictment on my housewifery until she dropped a stunned shrew on the carpet and started bopping the poor thing with a paw.  She's still a little rubbish at this wholesale slaughter of local wildlife lark that Albert has so completely mastered.

I gave her lots of praise for being a clever and ruthless huntress while removing the thing from the velvet paw of eventually squishedness...this was less a cat toying with her prey then attempting to cause death by a confused poking at it, which seemed almost more cruel than deliberate taunting.  No-one wants to die from ineptitude. Shrew was still alive and intact so set it free and gave Prawnita the Wonder Cat an extra packet of fancy stuff in jelly and went back to wishing my head would stop pounding and I could see straight..
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gmul was due to visit last weekend, but as there was the big county show on this weekend just past, we postponed by a week.  Turns out it was a wise choice  of  weekends as we had beautiful weather instead of the rainstorms of the weekend before.  This meant G amused both of us greatly by driving down in a flash transformer of a car.  Much unnecessary button pushing to go top-go-down, top-go-up, top-go-down, top-go-up...we were as children with new toy, and even the 14 year old, who's as hard to impress as any teenager, thought it was cool to zip through the Cornish country roads with the wind ruffling his emo hair...

We got ourselves all togged out in weekend finery and went off to look at flower tents, food tents and steam traction engines of various types.  I think it's mandatory to have at least one overpriced 99 ice-cream cone, and smallest nephew played havoc because he wanted a third overdose of extra whippy sugar and whale fat.  I bought a selection of carnivourous plants, sniffed roses and admired bonsai...resisted temptation to by a small forest at £60, to which mum piped up 'well, Christmas is coming'...it's bloody June!!! Who the hell is thinking about Christmas when carrying a parasol against the blazing summer sun???   

G had a selection of outfit choices, but what's not to love about a chap in a utilikilt on a sunny day!  Many ladies came up to pet him...

We completely failed to find any fancy livestock, but then it is all blow dried sheep and chickens with improbably plumage...but a very pleasant afternoon was had wandering about ignoring shouts of 'Mary Poppins' from the usual mongs in sportswear.  I shall be the one laughing longest, at their melanomas and photo-aging...

Much squeezing as I discovered my name in brass!!!

We retired home to watch a couple of episodes of Dr Who, and flop about on the sofa with supper on our laps. 

Following morning, after being stuffed full of pancakes we headed up to Helman Tor - site of ancient Cornish mayonnaise mines - and yes, that's a true local Cornish 'humour'...

...you could see for miles, all the way to the sea, with Magrathea on the horizon... 

The tor in full flower...across a marvellous scale from the tiniest of flowers spangling the sward with pink, blue and white so you were walking across a Bottecelli primavera carpet, to the succulent alpine stonecrop with pale star-shaped flowers to the proud towering spikes of foxgloves...

Just good to sit on a rock, talking rubbish and enjoying the view...before a little bimbling through the woodland of Luxuylan  Valley before back to mine for tea and scones and Batman (subliminal  impact of the car I feel) before all too soon evening was upon us...stalked off to get the laundry in as annoyed that a lovely weekend had passed by in a flash and another long working loomed...grrr!  Weather and company too good to think about work...
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Last night, I was dragged from my rest by Mum on the phone asking for help getting the rabbit off of Albert. 

She has limited use of one arm, and the wriggly little sod was not being co-operative in giving up his victim as it wasn't quite ready for presentation yet being as it was not actually dead. In fact if anything he was rather miffed, and growling at her, when she tried to remove the rabbit  that was still very much alive and kicking.   Perhaps because he wanted to show just what a merciless jungle beastie he was in carrying out the coup de grace at her feet.  Either that or catching him with a live rabbit was a bit like peeking  - it's not ready yet!  Whatever the reason, he wasn't giving the bunny up!

By the time I got downstairs, bunny had had it...  Add another to the pile of corpses Albert is responsible for - although it is mostly small mammals rather than birds, for which I'm grateful.  Rats, mice and rabbits are a bloody nuisance when you grow your own veg and keep chickens, and with Killer Burt sleeping in the greenhouse there are considerably fewer nibbled seedlings now than before, and rather more piles of regurgitated mouse guts on the garden path first thing in the morning. 

Once bunny was despatched Albert was happy to drop it in front of Mum.  We gave him lots of fuss for his cleverness in further murderising local wildlife.  Mum was worried that the bunny might be 'a bit mixey' and hence easier to catch.  I gave it an brief examination and said 'nah, looks perfectly healthy to me', which elicited snorts from Pijay...'well, apart from the being dead that it', I added.

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Copy and paste to your own journal, erase my answers, and add your own.
Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names &/or objects, but nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person you got this from has the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question. And Have Fun With It!

1) 4 LETTER WORD: Snot
2) BOY NAME: Sam  
3) GIRL NAME: Serendipity
4) OCCUPATION: Seamstress  
5) A COLOR: Sky blue pink
6) SOMETHING YOU WEAR: seamed stockings
7) BEVERAGE: sugary tea
8) FOOD: Sherbert dip
10) A PLACE: Singapore
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On Sunday I did the ironing while watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and coveting a hefty percentage of everything that the two leads wear wearing...favourite sequence when they are newly arrived off the boat into Paris and drive around to do a little shopping, allowing a montage of designer naems including Dior, Schaparelli and Lelong...delicious

However, weird thing:  whomsoever, I talked to about the move - four seperate people in fact - all immediately thought I meant Some LIke it Hot.  Now apart from both having Marilyn Monroe in them, they are quite, quite different... one's colour, one black and white, one one of the best comedies ever, the other a fun musical...one has Jane Russell it it, not Jack Lemmon or Tony Curtis... I'm baffled.

GPB is certainly good fun though - I hadn't realied just how much smoking and drinknig there was, and Jane Russell is clearly man-hungry with no guilt and oogling the Olympic Athletic Team who do a groovy little dance number in flesh tone swim trunks.  MM meanwhile is suppsosedly a dumb blonde who's a career gold digger.  I love her character, Lorelei Lee.  When in need of $15K from her rich boyfriend  jane Russell ask how long it will take MM to get it.  MM considers the sum and say, 'I'll need and hour and 45 minutes - she has extracting money from men down to a fine art, and considers any woman who can't do the same unworth of the name 'woman'.  Later when her boyfriend's irrate father shows up to save his son from her clutches she surmisses - correctly  - that she'll need a mere 3 mins to explain him her worldview that a man being rich is like a woman being  pretty - in order to get his blessing for the wedding.  The Father is giving in to her argument say 'they said you were stupid', giving in gracefully when he knows he's been outmaneovered.  'Oh, I can be', she replies 'as that's what men want'...

...fascinating stuff, and shows there's a lot more cynical social commentary underneath the clothes porn and song routines.  After al, just listen to the lyrics in 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend'.  " There may come a time when a hard-boiled employer/thinks you're awful nice/but get that ice or else no dice...very mercenary indeed...
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I've just be removing defunt customers from the company database.  We recently sent out a new catalogue, and there's always a certain number of them that come back as 'no longer at this address' and I take them off our records.

Just deleting a Miss J Grant, and the first thought to pop into my head was, 'well of course she won't need our catalogue anymore, she's off to the Amazon with that Welsh hippy she married'.

I am very sad...note to self: 'it's all made up'.
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Pics from the last few weekends under the cuts...

Vising Oxford for Art Weeks and Morris Dancing:

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Last weekend was the third is a series of rather fab and groovy times, thanks mostly to the fact that I have some really lovely people in my llfe.  The end of last year saw some major disappointments and there has been a serious downturn in my health in recent months, which I hope is now under control, so am pleased that things seem to be working towards a more postive future. 

Firstly, I took a stall at the Lostwithiel Festival of Arts, Crafts and Antiques on Sunday 11th May.  Both midnightxpress and veridianeyes came down to help, with J making felt flower brooches for it.  Guests for the weekend meant a perfect excuse for afternoon tea on the Saturday, out in the garden as the weather was perfect.  The Fair itself was on one hand demoralising in that I sold very little despite getting lots of compliments on my work, and on the other at least it was getting out there and promoting my work.  Lots of people took details, and so far one of them has called to make an order, so there is hope after all that I'm not totally insane in what I'm trying to do.  Mostly though, it was lovely to have friends to vist and to chat with, to sit and watch silly stuff with, to enthuse over books and despair over the lack of beauty in modern life with...and to dress up and flounce around the bluebell woods with. 

The following weekend Janey was exhibiting her quilts as part of Oxford Art Weeks so I pootled along for moral support, and took some of the patchwork waistcoats  I've been making.  She's been working on themes of identity and has just completed a pices called 'Liberty Jack' consisting of union jacks made up in a vast numbe of Libery tana lawns.  Quite simply, it's stunning - photos to follow.  It's being entrered in this year's juried competition for the Festival of Quilts.  J entering has given me the incentive I needed to pull my finger out and enter my beaded pink corset in the wearable art section. 

On the Saturday morning as we perpared for the expected tide of people traispsing through Janey's house, I helped by slip-stitching the binding to the companion piece to 'Liberty Jack', 'Aid Blanket'  which is made from African textiles and using the red cross symbol.  Both pieces engage with ideas of identity and use of symbols and are fantastic pieces of art as well as high level craft.  I sat there frantically pushing the needle through the cotton batting, thinking back to the weekend before where I was sewing linings for the waistcoats and Jo was sitting opposite me frantically sewing brooch backs onto the red velvet heart brooches I make, and felt thewarm glow of female solidarity through textiles and traditional handcrafts.  On the Sunday, in dazzling weather she took me Morris dancing!  Yes, the full-on bells round your knees, hankie waving experience.  J does Border Morris which involves bizarre face-painting and wearing all black and tatter jackets - in other words, goth Morris...insanity!

...and finally this last Bank Holiday weekend an old friend currently living in Norfolk made the effort of driving damn near the full width of the country for a visit.  Weather alternated between grim and gorgeous and after all the rushing about  of the previous two weekends, we did just pootle about,  drank tea,  caught up on each others lives and  flopped about on the sofa in our jammies.  That's when you know you are good friends...spending a Sunday not feeling too shiny crashed out on the sofa, and staying in yer jim-jams and  it still being a good time with no pressure to entertain...

This weekend will seem strangely quiet with no trains to meet or trains to catch...but it will give me chance to make more stock and finish commissions...and then the following weekend I play hostess again when I get to drag gmul around the local county show! Huzzah!!!
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Mum was sitting in the greenhouse enjoying her morning cup of tea, after planting out a tray of seedlings.  Albert was enjoying sitting on her lap getting his ears scratched, when he suddenly leapt off, to quote mum', as though he had a banger up his arse', and shot outside.  There followed an opera of catwauling and yowls and a few minutes later he trotted back into the greenhouse and dropped a huge dead rat at mum's feet.  Rat had put up a valiant fight but Albert is a very fine ratter and the outcome was inevitable.  Last night, he was munching a mouse under the dining room table. ..

Mum and I were standing in the garden on Saturday morning, and I could hear a very loud bee.  I was one of those big, fat bumblers, as fat as a thumb, stuck in the greenhouse, buzzing against the glass trying to escape.  As it scrabbled against the glass we noticed a spider of equivalent size stalking it.  Spiders are not my thing, and this was particularily large and ugly.  I can't stand the way they move, and here was this huge specimen advancing malevolently toward unsuspecting bee.  We're watching this little drama of life and death in the arthropoidal world,  both yelling for Dad to come and tackle the brute... I'm shouting 'Save the bee! Save the bee!' ...but dad is up the field and won't make it in time, so as the spider inched slyly forward, mum got in with a broom and lifted the bee to safety...much rejoicing as it droned off across the lawn.  The damn spider fleed back into the pile of boxes in the greenhouse so is still lurking about in there somewhere.  

...and this morning, my journey to work was delayed by David Harris driving his sheep along the road...he was bumping along in quad and directing the sheepdogs who were steering ewes and lambs along the road.  Lovely to see the dogs working the flock.  

May is so beautiful.  This is just the loveliest time of year with trees in their new green and the hedgerows sparkling with bluebells, primroses and pink campion.   In the shadier sections of road the verge is deep with wild garlic in bloom...    
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I should be in Whitby: I'm not.  I should be well and productive: I'm not. 

...But I have just sobbed my way through the Beeb's 'Miss Austen Regrets' and loved it.  I notice that no name is ever given to the illness that took her at 42, because a) it didn't have a name then, and b) even if they'd been anachronistic enough to give it it's modern moniker you would have had an entire nation go 'w'uh?' when they said what it was.  But they did get the details right - including the 'little pieces of ivory two inches wide' which damn near broke my heart. 

...meanwhile, although I don't have nearly enough stock made for upcoming shows, I have put together some patched waistcoat fronts.  Making two lengths 'Drummond' for short people, 'Bruin' for taller ones.  I'll knock out some skirts too...and hopefully a few waspies as they take less fitting for off the peg than overbusts...

...and inbetween rainstorms the garden is looking lovely - lots of pots of Queen of the Night tulips and happy faced pansies.  I have such a thing for pansies.  Indeed I spent all my money until payday on the most beautiful ones at the garden centre on Saturday.  So no mney for milk, but I do have  bowl of the most delicate buds on the window sill about to burst forth into watercolour shades of peach and tea rose...

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